About us

Experienced Swiss property agents.

Swiss real estate group is a specialist in Swiss alpine property for sale to foreigners. Located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, a Swiss company since 2006, we operate throughout Switzerland, and are here to help you find and purchase your Swiss dream chalet or apartment.

We have a network of lawyers Notaries and local banks to help you purchase and find a loan for your Swiss property.  SwissRealEstateGroup has also many successful mandates in commercial property sales for foreign investors.

Paul Sidebottom, owner and director, who has been in Switzerland from 2001 has a vast knowledge of the German and French alpine regions and their property markets.

”Swiss property is and should always be a medium to long term investment, this is not a traditional market, but it is a stable one. Buying a Swiss property is a great way to invest in the Swiss franc, and a great place to spend your time!. Switzerland is one of the cleanest and safest countries in Europe.”

Over the last 15 years, Swiss Real Estate Group, has successfully helped many non-Swiss residents find their dream chalet or apartment in the Swiss Alps, we do not increase prices for foreign buyers.

What can I buy as a non-Swiss?

As a Swiss passport holder or permit B holder you can purchase any form of real estate in Switzerland.

If you are a not a Swiss resident and you have no intention to become a Swiss resident then you may purchase one Swiss property as a second home, no larger than 200m2 of living space and land of no more than 1000m2. You can purchase this property in certain areas in Switzerland. You may also purchase any form of commercial property of any size or value, such as a hotel, restaurant, office building, but there must not be any residential property inside this commercial real estate.

If you would like to become a Swiss resident,  then we can assist you in this. You would be able to construct a new chalet/home as your primary residence in Switzerland. This would require that you live and work in Switzerland and pay your taxes here. If you have business out side of Switzerland you can still become a Swiss resident. Ask us for more details.

What we do?

Swiss Real Estate Group is a local agency specializing in property for foreigners, we have relations with local developers or directly with owners who wish to sell their property to you. We have a network of trusted partners to offer you bank loans at Swiss rates, legal advice, and Notary services.

If you have any questions regarding property in Switzerland please contact us via our contact page or send an email to info@swissrealestategroup.com

Or please call us on

+41763714039  CH mobile

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